Integrated Report Project

In response to a growing demand for transparency on management modalities and business outlook, the Companies have gradually expanded their information offer over the years by adding to the Financial Statement other tools such as the Governance Report, the Social Report and the Sustainability Report.

In order to be truly useful to stakeholders, this information must also be integrated within an interpretational framework that allows understanding the business model, strategy, expected short and medium term business trend and their interaction with financial and sustainability results.

This is the purpose of the IIRC – International Integrated Reporting Council, an international organization established in July 2010 for defining a framework for businesses that intend drafting an Integrated Report.

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IIRC International Integrated Reporting Framework Council

  • Operating context, including risks and opportunitiesOperating context, including risks and opportunities
  • Strategic objectivesStrategic objectives
  • Governance and remunerationGovernance and remuneration
  • PerformancePerformance
  • Future outlookFuture outlook
  • Organizational overview and business modelOrganizational overview and business model
Close Operating context, including risks and opportunities

Operating context, including risks and opportunities

The context within which the business operates, determining factors for its success, criticalities and risks to be monitored, prevented and minimized, decisive stakeholders and possible opportunities are the elements enhanced in this section.


Close Strategic objectives

Strategic objectives and strategies to achieve those objectives

The major objectives and the strategies implemented for reaching them focusing on the company’s capacity of assessing its results in the short, medium and long term are the center of this building block.


Close Governance and remuneration

Governance and remuneration

This block integrates information on all the principles and regulations underlying coordination and control of the roles and powers within the company namely corporate governance, and the remuneration of its top management.


Close Performance


This section of the Integrated Report is dedicated to the company’s financial and sustainability results, also highlighting impacts on stakeholders, the community, the environment and biodiversity.


Close Future outlook

Future outlook

The solidity of a company’s business model is also based on the capacity to go beyond the short and medium term performance aiming at long-lasting results, reachable over a longer period of time. This is the typical framework of a sustainable approach that completes the offer of available information.


Close Organizational overview and business model

Organizational overview and business model

This section highlights the organizational capacity for creating value in the short, medium and long term illustrating the business model, the principal activities, markets, products and services as well as relations, also critical, with stakeholders.